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Sir Princess Petra Longstride

Lives in The Kingdom of Pen Pieyu in the Land of Pen Pieyu (see map). She is the first and only knight of her kingdom.

Birthday: September 9.

Age: 9 years.

Middle name: Brettania (middle name after her grandmother, Brettania May Longstride, the great story teller).

Favorite color: pink.

Favorite foods: chocolate, mushrooms, olives, nuts, wild berries.

Favorite activities: archery, jousting, Highland dancing, riding her steed, javelin tossing, home-school lessons, onion throwing, polishing her armour, making mud pies, and her most favorite activity, adventures.

Dislikes: big meanies, eating anything with onions in it, bees.

Parent’s names: King William Kuff Longstride and Queen Mabel Viola Longstride.


Snarls the Dragon

Lives nearby and inside and around Dragon Mountain in The Forest of Doom (see map).

Birthday: October 23.

Age: 3 (that equals 12 in people years).

Middle name: Lotzapuf (middle name after his mother’s father, Singe Burnett Lotzapuf).

Last name: Doom. Hence why the Forest of Doom is named the Forest of Doom.

Favorite color: shiny silver things.

Favorite foods: onions, hors d'oeuvres with onions.

Favorite activities: cooking, barbeques, parties, adventures.

Dislikes: falling rocks, being chased, indigestion.


Bograt the Bog Witch

Lives in the bogs and swamps smack-in-the middle of all the other lands of all of the other kingdoms, and just at the edge of Hobble-Wobble Creek. (see map).

Birthday: February 30 (that’s what her birth certificate says).

Age: she counts 10 years by the succession of seasons.

Real name: Marsheesh Mya Mire.

Favorite color: black.

Favorite foods: onions, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, squash, pretty well all vegetables.

Favorite activities: chasing frogs, scaring people (well, only a little), cooking and eating onion-anything, picking mushrooms, mud baths, making deals, exploring.

Dislikes: frilly dresses, frilly dresses with lace, dresses, water baths.


Prince Nastybun

Lives in The Kingdom of Mesoggie, just east and a little north of The Kingdom of Crablips (see map).

Birthday: June 1.

Age: 10 years.

First Name: Norton.

Middle Name: Hiney (This was very hard information to come by, and nobody, until now, knew of his middle name).

Favorite color: purple.

Favorite foods: asparagus, mushrooms, squid (although he rarely gets to eat squid because squid comes from the sea to the west, and he lives far away from the sea to the west—see map again).

Favorite activities: riding his pony, commanding his puny army, spear throwing, drying off, exploring.

Dislikes: falling off his pony, soggy boots, moss on his armour, scary things.


King and Queen Longstride

Rulers, owners, and directors of Pen Pieyu Kingdom where they retain, direct, rule, and pay the bills at Longstride castle. Also, Petra’s parents.

King’s name, birthday, age:  King William Kuff Longstride,  January 1, 52 years of age.

Queen’s name, birthday, age: Queen Mabel Viola Longstride, January 3, 41 years of age.

King’s favorite foods/ activities: octopus stew, octopus crepes / being the lord over of his kingdom.

Queen’s favorite foods/activities:  coconut shrimp, coconut cream pie / practicing a faint that doesn’t mess her hairdo, ruling her husband’s kingdom.

King’s dislikes: women trying to rule his kingdom.

Queen’s dislikes:  men who think women can't rule a kingdom.



Prince Duce Crablips

Lives in the Kingdom of Crablips, just west and a little south of the Kingdom of Mesoggie (see map).

Birthday:  July 8.

Age: 10 years.

Middle name:  Anise (after the aromatic herb that was in bloom at his birth).

Favorite color:  pinkish hues, pink-like shades, pink tones, pink.

Favorite foods:  hors d’oeuvres and dainty pastries, all of which Snarls makes with perfection.

Favorite activities:  crocheting, needlework, being told stories, sing-song get-togethers.

Dislikes:  shadows, dark places, and things being thrown at him--especially in the dark.


The Royal Magician
Lives at Pen Pieyu Castle, in a secret room, at the very top of the invisible tower.
Full Name: Lentil Leigh Keynus.

Birthday: May 10.

Age: 111 years.

Favorite color: sparkles

Favorite foods: frog soup, eye-of-toad rolled in fish skins, spider leg cookies.

Favorite activities: trying out secret spells in the castle tower's secret closet.

Dislikes:  small closets, fake magicians.






King Asterman

Lives in the Kingdom of Lost Donkeys, north of the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu, and is the headmaster of Talent School.

Full name: Adler Ameba Asterman.

Birthday: April 21.

Age:  71 years.

Favorite color: red.

Favorite foods: cherry pie, tomato soup, steamed radishes, rosehip jelly.

Favorite activities: reading, writing, teaching, inventing new classes for Talent School, sometimes looking for the lost donkeys.

Dislikes:  know-it-alls, fire episodes, always looking for the lost donkeys.

Characters from Sir Princess Petra's Mission
 Findor Woodrow
Lives in the Kingdom of Boogy Gobees, just east of Kingdom Pen Pieyu. Findor is Elvish and is the head workman in the Elvish kingdom.

Full name: Findor Redwood Woodrow.

Birthday: July 8.

Age:  54 elvish years (about 14 people years).

Favorite color: brown.

Favorite foods: moss stew, mushroom soup, berry pie, anise tea.

Favorite activities: joking around, sculpting, inventing.

Dislikes:  things that fall down, people who hurt trees.

King Hobnobby
Lives in Kingdom Boogy Gobees at Hobnobby Castle and is the Elvish king.
Full name: Theodor Thomas Henry Hobnobby.

Birthday: Dec. 11.

Age:  217 elvish years (approximately 54 people years).

Favorite color: yellow.

Favorite foods: moss stew, beat soup, lentil bread, tiger lily tea.

Favorite activities: being king.

Dislikes:  lumpy, bumpy things, people who cut down trees.