The Dragon Grammar Book- Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom 

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Finally! An easy-to-understand grammar book with fun grammar lessons. The Dragon Grammar Book is the ideal grammar book for kids, dragons, and adults alike. From multi-award winning children’s fantasy author, Diane Mae Robinson, The Dragon Grammar Book introduces middle grades through adults to the basic rules of the English language with easy grammar lessons. Featuring the zany fantasy characters in the author’s The Pen Pieyu Adventures series, The Dragon Grammar Book is sure to be enjoyed by the whole kingdom.

When Sir Princess Petra clobbers Snarls with a book, she uses the only book that can help her fire-breathing dragon-steed: The Dragon Grammar Book. This amazing book uses kid-friendly sentences, humorous illustrations, and easy-to understand examples. The Dragon Grammar Book is a fun tool that will help your middle-grade dragons better understand the basic rules of writing—and reading.—Sue Morris, Kid Lit Reviews

In her latest offering, Diane M. Robinson takes on a challenge greater than any of the obstacles which Sir Princess Petra has yet faced: how to make the arcane rules of English grammar interesting and accessible to a wider audience. While many kids and adults would rather face a fully-grown ogre than the laws of punctuation, The Dragon Grammar Book provides a clear and comprehensive look at our language for princesses and dragons alike. With clear examples and fun activities, this book is a must-have for readers and aspiring writers.—Peter Takach, High School English Teacher and Grammarian

The Dragon Grammar Book takes some of the basic rules of writing and makes them more approachable with a dash of creative fun courtesy of The Pen Pieyu all-stars. So whether you’re a sword wielding princess, an onion loving dragon, or an everyday Jane/Joe, you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of the English language and be ready to tackle sentence structure and word usage with the best of them.—Gina Reba, Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

Unbeatable winning combination . . . Sir Princess Petra faces her fears of the menacing fire-breathing dragon and conquers the pitfalls of grammar! Clever, painless, and fun way to learn, implement and test yourself in the English language.—Barbara Ann Mojica, Author of the Little Miss HISTORY children’s nonfiction book series,

5 / 5 Jasper, Author

Simply Brilliant! I loved this book. It now sits in a prominent place in my office. Grammar, for me, was always infinitely boring and difficult to understand – something to be avoided like the plague. But, under the tutelage of Ms. Robinson, it has come alive! Not only does she describe and explain adjectives, adverbs, compound sentences, etc., etc., but she does so with humor and a bit of whimsy which delights the reader.

The book takes a very, very dull subject and jazzes it up so it becomes enjoyable for children and adults of all ages. And, given the subject matter, this was a monumental undertaking! But nothing seems to be too difficult for Snarls the dragon and his alter-ego, Diane M. Robinson. They breeze through the most difficult and confusing parts of the English language, explaining them in a clever and engaging manner.

I recommend this book for all writers, irrespective of age. Five big shiny stars for this break-through reference manual! And, P.S. - the illustrations are great, too!

5 / 5 Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

The organization and gradual advancement into concepts is well considered: Diane opens with grammar terminology (adjective, adverb, clause/sentence, conjunction, contraction, interjection, modifier, noun, participle, phrase, predicate, preposition. punctuation, subject/object, verb) and then the book blossoms into a teaching situation that is both informative and entertaining.

While this book is visually one that young learners will enjoy, adults (and young adults) will find the information more useful that school textbooks. The figures from her previous books keep it light but make no mistake; THIS is a fine grammar lesson! Diane’s thirteen awards earned for her other books will soon be matched by all manner of awards for this very fine teaching tool.

5 /5  C. L. Murphy, Children's Book Author

Ms. Robinson explains in a clever and engaging manner, so that young writers can better understand the complex rules of English grammar. The entire family—or Kingdom—will enjoy the examples and activities from her award-winning series offered within the book. The illustrations that begin each chapter help set a playful tone.

5 / 5 Literary Titan, Book Reviewer

The Dragon Grammar Book: Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom, by Diane Mae Robinson, is a handy writing tool for kids in one neat, little package. Robinson presents readers with a succinct list of terminology, ten chapters covering everything from subject and verb agreement to dangling participles and misplaced modifiers. Throughout the grammar guide, readers are treated to engaging illustrations of Sir Princess Petra and Snarls, the dragon. From beginning to end, The Dragon Grammar Book, provides readers with everything they need to address those most common questions they encounter as budding writers.

Robinson begins her grammar guide with a very useful and well-organized grammar terminology section. Teachers, students, and parents will find the opening 15 pages of the book an extremely helpful tool for quickly skimming and finding definitions and examples of each of the parts of speech, punctuation, along with a few writing terms tossed in for good measure.

Let’s face it, kids can shut down at lightning speed when a textbook comes into sight. The Dragon Grammar Book provides the perfect amount of information presented in short bursts that don’t overwhelm the reader. Accompanying explanations for each rule are not too wordy, and hold the reader’s attention long enough to make a point. The ongoing dragon theme is tucked into each of the example sentences throughout the book.

As a teacher, I appreciate the wide variety of topics covered in the fairly short text. The author has chosen to include some areas students will encounter as their writing develops over the course of several years. Chapter One’s focus on confusing words was a breath of fresh air to this teacher. Arranged alphabetically and featuring brief, easy-to-understand examples, this portion of the book is simple to navigate and covers each and every roadblock young writers encounter as they learn to proofread and edit their work.

I give The Dragon Grammar Book: Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom 5 out of 5 stars. Having a useful resource that engages students and includes a wide variety of grammar rules with short, fun examples is difficult to find. Robinson has produced a winner with this easy-to-navigate, all-inclusive, grammar guide for kids.

5 / 5 Tonja Drecker, Book Reviewer

This is a small treasure chest of grammar information, not only for kids but also for adults and those who love visiting dragons.

Covering everything from punctuation to clauses to tricky word pairs and even more, this is a comprehensive glance at basic grammar. . .with a lovely dose of dragon, that is. After several pages of explanations concerning grammar terminology, the book goes on with ten chapters concerning various themes. Then, there are two fun tests at the end (as well as answers) to help readers see how much their grammar has improved and where they might need some brushing up. Fun illustrations, which depict the exciting characters from The Pen Pieyu Adventure series, help keep the book from growing too dry.

This is a book, which I'll be keeping on my own shelves. The explanations are concise, easy to understand and hit upon simple things, which tend to cause trouble. While the explanations are clear, I wouldn't recommend this book for kids under ten to use on their own. Older kids, teens and adults will have no trouble diving into the pages, and even those ages eight and up will enjoy the entertaining examples. It's a great reference book to keep on the shelves, a lovely help for those just needing a bit more grammar assistance, and an ideal addition for a homeschooling program. The only thing I missed was a quick index to help find specific terms (especially for the Grammar Terminology and Confusing Words chapters). Still, the topics and rules are easy to find, and the chapters are well organized.

Summed up, this is a great book for grammar basics, not only for kids but for adults. The fun characters give the entire thing the needed humor and spice to keep boredom at bay.

5/5 Wayne Clark, Adult Fiction Author

It occurred to me while reading through Diane Mae Robinson’s The Dragon Grammar Book that its OOPS it’s not a work only for OOPS for only young visitors to her delightful kingdom. It’s for of all ages who want to communicate clearly.

The fact that the author has gone to the trouble of creating crystal clear OOPS crystal-clear and fun examples of all the grammar rules any one OOPS anyone needs to know makes the book useful to those who hated grammar in school to the point they still don’t know why you can say this but you can’t say that. The author’s dragon deserves a teacher-of-the-year award. If you think a dangling participle is something you strike while playing piñata, this book is for you.

5/ 5 Barbara Ann Mojica, Children's Book Author

I love the way this book makes it simple for children and adults to learn, review and refresh the rules of the English language. The author uses a chapter book approach to highlight parts of speech, sentence structure, modifiers, word agreement, punctuation, and confusing words. Robinson strives to leave no stone unturned. She even tackles ellipsis, brackets, braces, quotation marks, and em and en hyphens, which most readers of this book probably never knew existed.

Who doesn't love a challenge? At the end of each section, the author provides a mini quiz to test comprehension. When the reader finally reaches the end of the book, there is a mastery test on the contents of the entire book. Robinson links her content to her children's book series based on Princess Petra and her dragon friend. Illustrations spice up the lessons and make them fun. Readers are invited to sign up for a free coloring book.

I would highly recommend this book for ages nine through ninety-nine. Keep it on your shelf to sharpen your skills and make your writing sparkle.

5 / 5  Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

The Dragon Grammar Book: Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom is a nonfiction educational book for children written by Diane Mae Robinson. Robinson is the author of The Pen Pieyu Adventures, a children’s adventure series starring Sir Princess Petra. She’s also a writing instructor who still finds it necessary, from time to time, to double-check those grammar rules. In this book, Robinson presents basic grammar rules in an accessible manner that is geared for young readers, and she does so using the characters and story line of her Pen Pieyu series. She begins with a glossary of grammar terms, and then proceeds to demystify confusing and often misused words and phrases, such as affect/effect and between/among and the deadliest of them all -- lie/lay. She then tackles verb agreement, punctuation and other aspects of syntax and sentence structure, employing examples that are filled with dragons, castles and, of course, Sir Princess Petra herself. Robinson includes spot quizzes at the ends of many chapters, and she also provides two levels of Dragon Grammar Skill Tests with answers at the end of the book. 

I love dragons and grammar! So my eyes lit up when I saw Diane Mae Robinson’s nonfiction educational book for children, The Dragon Grammar Book: Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom. I’m also a big fan of Sir Princess Petra, whose adventures have admirably shown kids that it’s cool to be both a princess and a knight or a prince who likes to cook. And while I’ve read any number of dry, tolerable and even enjoyable books on grammar, I’ve rarely come across as well presented and entertaining an approach to what can be an intimidating subject, particularly for a young audience or for adults learning English as a second language. Robinson gets to the heart of the really puzzling aspects of grammar and offers them up in a format designed to make learning grammar more fun. The chapter quizzes are enjoyable ways to make sure you’ve gotten all the rules down, and the Skill Tests are also quite useful for spotlighting areas that need more review. And unlike many of the classic grammar texts, her grammar recommendations are oriented toward pragmatic, real-world usage. The Dragon Grammar Book: Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom is a great resource for kids, their teachers and anyone else who’d like to know a bit more about language and how to use it. It’s most highly recommended.

5 / 5 Beyond The Pages, Reviewer/Author

Robinson has created The Dragon Grammar Book for kids that is fun, interactive, and easy to understand. Every aspect of the book deals with dragons and other characters from her Pen Pieyu series.  Whether you have a youngster who is ready to learn grammar rules or struggling to understand the complex rules our language has… this book will be perfect for them! There are quizzes, tests, and even drawings from the author herself. Your kids will have fun with this grammar book. No more grumblings when its time to study!

I went through each page and word and must say that this book can even help us, adults! Easily explained grammar rules with dashes of fun. I mean seriously, learning grammar with dragons is just fantastic.

5 / 5 Christine Suarez, Book Reviewer

As a homeschool mom, I love using this book to teach my kids grammar because it is fun and engaging and helps them actually understand grammar while having fun! My daughter uses this for her lessons and for writing for fun. It doesn't get better than that!

5 / 5 Reviewed By Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Schools, libraries, writers, and readers will benefit from The Dragon Grammar Book. In easy to understand terms, author Diane Mae Robinson explains adjectives, adverbs, compound sentences, and takes on complicated words like that and which. And that’s just the introduction! She gives examples of each grammar concept and explains the difference between affect and effect, but also other confusing words like they’re, their, or there, and then provides examples. Each page could be a lesson for teachers in a classroom or adults and children who want to practice correct grammar. Good grammar is imperative in school, at work, or in social media posts. The occasional table helps compare singular and plural words, or present tense, past tense, and past participles. “Meaning is everything, and the comma, or lack of the comma, can make a big difference.” This sentence is so true. I often call my daughter for dinner: "Come and eat, Kristen.” Without a comma—or pause—she would be dinner!

Author Diane Mae Robinson has written an excellent book on grammar that children and adults will comprehend. She explains the meanings of words and then uses them in a sentence. Sometimes, she even tells us how not to use it. Whether you’re new to grammar or just need a review, The Dragon Grammar Book is the best place to start—and end! Full-page gray scale images are well done by Breadcrumbs Ink and appear at the start of each chapter. I love how the dragon reads a book with the girl. Middle-grade students will like the dragon and princess references, which should keep them reading. I believe the Test Your Knowledge pages are beneficial to readers to make sure they understand the basic concepts before moving on. Teachers and readers will enjoy the skill-testing questions to make sure they understand the material.

5 / 5 Stacie Theis, Book Reviewer

The Dragon Grammar Book is a wonderfully written and beautifully organized must have writing companion for children and adults alike.

The book begins by addressing "Confusing Words," which immediately had me hooked. The simplicity of the explanations and clarity through examples makes it easy for readers to grasp concepts and immediately apply what they've learned. The book can also be used by parents to assist them in explaining usage especially when helping with homework or homeschooling.

The proper use of grammar and punctuation is so important, yet it's a skill that seems to escape many. Often times during classroom instruction students do not fully comprehend the lessons and are left confused and give up. As adults lessons we once knew, or at least believed we knew, escape us. The Dragon Grammar Book makes it so simple to understand grammatical correctness and/or to brush up on our skills.

5 / 5 More Than A Book Review

Review of the Dragon Grammar book; A Grammar Book for Kids, Dragons and the Whole Kingdom by Diane Mae Robinson. You may have seen my reviews for Sir Princess Petra. It’s adorable kid books where Petra goes on adventures with her dragon and friends. The author has taken those characters and environment and created a very fun book on grammar. There are 10 chapters on different sections of grammar. The book contains sketches throughout to make it fun for kids. She includes great examples in the chapters to put the material into context. There are also small quizzes throughout the book to test your knowledge. Then the author created to Dragon Grammar Skills test. It was very eye-opening for me. There are obviously two areas that I struggle with anymore and any more and when to use which and that. I highly recommend this book for kids and adults obviously after I saw my results

5 / 5  JoJo Maxson, Amazon Customer

Diane Robinson not only gives comprehensive explanation of parts of speech, but also common punctuation rules, with entertaining examples and illustrations. She also includes examples of commonly misused grammar and the correct way it can be used in a sentence, she also does this with the punctuation. This was a fun refresher and I will be looking to get her more of her books in hard copy for my children.

Who knew an English grammar book could be so fun? I am always looking for fun ways to teach my children, because if it is interesting they will remember it longer and want to learn. I always got a room full of chuckles when I mentioned dangling participles. The Dragon Grammar Book gives me great material that I can use as an example while keeping a straight face.

5 / 5 Afobos, Amazon Customer

A long time ago in a galaxy far away... Well, back in the 80's in the country of Greece anyways, I was an English teacher and taught English as a foreign language to ages ranging from grade school to adults. To make a long story short I could have used a book like this one to make my job easier.
It's an easy to understand book geared towards kids but even adults can appreciate it and learn from it.
It's well put together and explains everything in an understandable and concise fashion.
It's well organized and definitely worth buying! I enjoyed it!!

5 / 5 Fran Churchill, Amazon Customer

This was both informative and adorable. The illustrations keeps kids engaged and interested. Above all it is educational. Every hope for a parent is that the books your kids read are educational as well as fun. The author using humor and whimsy to explain adjectives, adverbs, compound sentences, ellipsis, brackets, braces, quotation marks, em and en hyphens and much more in a way easy for children and adults to understand. It is definitely more interesting than how I learned about those things. This would be something very useful to homeschoolers and I think I will send copies to everyone I know that is doing so. I mean there are even little quizzes at the end of each section so you can see the comprehension of the one studying and a bigger test to see how well the user has retained information. I highly recommend this to anyone who has kids with issues with any of the things this covers, or for you yourself.

5 / 5 Julie Baswell, Amazon Customer

If you have ever had trouble with proper English and grammar, then this book is for you. It may look like it was written for school age children, but looks are deceiving. True, it was written in a style and format for a child to easily learn from, but adults will find it interesting also. I did. I even enjoyed the pictures throughout the book.

5/ 5  Sheryl, Amazon Customer

I am a seasoned writer and even I didn't know many parts of English. I had bought the book basically for my kids but, found myself getting educated too. For example I didn't know that something like "modifier" existed in grammar. The author describes modifier as "either a word or a phrase that describes another word or group of words. It modifies something". The book is small and fun and extremely informative.


5 / 5 Jimmy Ray, Amazon Customer

The English language is a complex and confusing language to learn. The dragon book takes this language and puts into context an easier method of learning. I do homework with my children and this book is very helpful when we get to the English assignments. The material is well thought out and presented in an easy to follow format with a little quiz at the end of each chapter to test your understanding. This book is well thought out and a great tool for learning. I would recommend this one to everyone interested in learning.

5 / 5 Apple Blossom, Book Reviewer

Love this book. An excellent resource to have on home or in a classroom. Very easy to read and understand for wide range of age groups. I even learned a thing or two glancing through the pages. Very well written and nice layout.

The Dragon Grammar Book is an essential tool that should be available in classrooms everywhere. I highly recommend grabbing a copy. You will not be disappointed.

5 / 5 Reviewed By Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite

Do you think English grammar is fun? No? Join the club. It can be torture. However, there is a book called The Dragon Grammar Book by Diane Mae Robinson and it might just change your opinion about grammar books.

Usually, grammar books are boring, cold, and rather dry. I avoid them. When I read the description of this book, it made me curious. Could there really be such a thing as a FUN grammar book? I doubted it. A few nice illustrations here and there would surely not turn that nasty thing called grammar into something more attractive, would it? Well, to be honest, the illustrations could go and the book would still be nice! Obviously, kids will love the more colorful aspect of the book, but for someone like me, the content itself counted. It was pleasant to read, but don't ever tell my ex-English teachers that I said this about a grammar book - or maybe DO tell them and keep them from torturing more students with horrible grammar books. Of course, I could also find no fault with the content itself, and everything was nicely explained. I am sure that many people who need to deal with grammar will enjoy this book and find it very useful.

5 /5 Yvonne, English Teacher

In this book, Diane M. Robinson make the difficult rules of English grammar accessible and entertaining! Clear examples and fun activities help to keep readers of all ages entertained. I highly recommend this book for fans of Sir Princess Petra and those who just want to brush up on their grammar. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.