A short story by the author of the multi-award-winning The Pen Pieyu Adventures series.

The changing of the seasons has arrived when a young fairy is unwillingly thrown into the role of The Forest Painter. Aura never learned the art of forest painting. Now, she must paint the forest with autumn colors before the frost queen's arrival or Majestic Forest will be lost forever to the frost queen's icy touch.

Join Aura in this fantasy tale as she tries to save the autumn.

The Forest Painter is an adaption of the original short story by the author entitled The Forest Painter and the Star Master; published within the children's fantasy adventure book, Sir Princess Petra's Talent - The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book #2).

Reviews for The Forest Painter

5 /5  Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite
Diane Mae Robinson's short fantasy story for children and preteens, The Forest Painter, is a sweet and magical tale about a young fairy faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Robinson's fable is filled with color and enchantment as Aura is forced to fill shoes that seem very big indeed. Her characters are sympathetic, and the urgency of their situation is contagious. I loved the images Robinson creates of young Aura flinging the paint buckets into the air to try to cope with her very big responsibility; her excitement at seeing her actions make a difference; and her later despair that it is too little too late. Robinson ably builds the tension in this tale as winter approaches and the forest's leaves have not fully changed. The Forest Painter is most highly recommended.

5 / 5 Gisela Hausmann It's a beautiful fairy tale.
Forest painter Aura never learned the art. It's her job to color the forest in Fall colors, " ... the leaves must breathe with autumn beauty before the frost queen arrives, or she will claim the forest white forever..."
Aura's biggest problem is that she has big shoes to fill, the late grandmother was the master painter. The story does not reveal Aura's age but she seems like an older teenager who suddenly finds herself with huge responsibilities. Though she complains to the pixie at first she overcomes her self-doubts and decides to tackle the task. She does not want to ask Boreal for help because she suspects that he will try to steal the golden paintbrush.

There is wisdom in this story. Aura needs to learn to see with her heart. When things get really tight and she can feel the breath of frost queen she learn to overcome her doubts and ask Boreal for help.
"... She gasped when she realized that this power, this magic of thought, was within herself—she just had to believe. She spread her wings and willingly fell into the waltzing dance of the wind..."

5 / 5 Barbara Mojica 
Deep within The Majestic Forest, a bugle call from the top of Peak Mountain has summoned the fairy sprites, the elves, and the wind weavers to perform their autumn responsibilities. But Aura, the Forest Painter, who has been designated to paint the leaves in autumn colors, feels she cannot accomplish the task. Her grandmother was the master painter. Both Aura's grandmother and parents have already left to paint the heavens. Aura complains that she has not been prepared properly for the task. If she cannot complete her work before the frost arrives, the frost queen will claim the forest forever. Kepa urges her to ask Boreal to help, but Aura believes that Boreal once stole her grandmother's paintbrush. Will Aura succeed in her race against time to save the trees of the forest? All the plants and animals of the forest are dependent upon her.
This twelve page story is written with tenderness and empathy. Robinson has deftly woven personification and alliteration with a cadence of language that is charming. Written for a middle grade audience, it is a sweet and sensitive read that will appeal to a wide range of audiences from beginning reader to adult. Perfect afternoon read to get into the spirit of the changing season.
5 / 5  C.L. Murphy Glorious Autumn.
The author paints with her words, as Aura does with her golden paintbrush, in this magical tale. They sparkle! A short and sweet story of overcoming doubt and believing in yourself that both young and old will enjoy.
4 / 5 Chris GrahamA Charming, old-style tale.
>Even Fairies can have off days and doubts, but Aura needs to paint the forest in autumn colours before Winter claims it forever...

5 / 5 Heidi Williams
Very good book!

5 /5 Deziree
Love this book. Nicely written.