AuthorHeadshotSmallII“To create an imaginative, positive, and fun story for children, one must create with all of their heart, search out the magic in everyday life, and bring that magic to life with words. It is that imagination and creation that stirs our souls. The free-spirited imagination of children is my inspiration for writing children books, which in turn comes around full circle to allow me to inspire children through my writing. May the wheels of inspiration, imagination and creativity never end.” Diane Mae Robinson

“My mission in life is to inspire children to believe in the magic within themselves, to become heroes, and to accomplish great things.” Diane Mae Robinson

Diane Mae Robinson started her love of reading and writing when her Grandma Robinson gave her the book Black Beauty for her seventh birthday.

“Black Beauty was the first book I ever read by myself. I thought that book was the most incredible journey I could ever go on. At the same age, I discovered the local library where
many more wonderful adventures came to life from within the pages of books. Thus begun my love of reading.

I grew up in a very small town with one library. I would visit that library twice a week until I read every children’s book in it. Then I’d pester the librarian to get more books, quick!

Reading is still a passion of mine. I truly believe reading helps writers to become better at their craft.

As a child, I also discovered the beauty of making up my own stories. I wrote the story, and my sister and I would act it out—according to all of my directions, of course. I was always the princess in distress and she was my hero prince. Well, sort of. She was a confirmed cowboy, so she was my hero prince in a cowboy outfit who always saved me from the villain.
I have a good imagination, so it worked. We had great fun performing those plays, even if it was just for the two of us.

I’ve always been enchanted with the magic of the make-believe world. Anything is possible in that world.”

Diane lives in a small hilltop castle in central Alberta, Canada amongst an old and magical forest inhabited by gnomes, fairies, a princess, and a dragon. This magical forest is where Diane creates her characters and gets the inspiration for her stories.

The author has a journalism diploma from ICS Canada (Schools of Montreal), and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut. Diane is also an artist, art teacher, writing instructor at the Creative Writing Institute, international short story judge, and a children’s book editor.