LAST CHANCE!!! The Success Mentor Summit Price is Going Up Tomorrow!

Have you been loving the Summit?  Amazing value, isn’t it?  

Friday marks the last day of the Success Mentor Summit.

But even though there’s only a couple more days left, we still have a full docket of incredible speakers. Register here for free:

Check out the Sept. 14th lineup:

  • Carrie Wilkerson: Why Your Success Depends on Your Why at 1 pm ET
  • Toby Jenkins: why the speed at which you act determines your success at 2 pm ET
  • Charlie Gilkey: Productivity as a Vehicle for Success at 3 pm ET
  • Chandler Bolt: Why Many Mini Successes Lead to Greatness at 4 pm ET
  • Trevor Turnball: The power of focusing on ONE thing in order to wildly succeed at 5 pm ET
  • Brian Dixon: Doing Your Impossible at 6 pm ET
  • Dale Partridge: Success Isn’t What You Think at 7 pm ET
  • Josh Denning: Why You Sometimes Have to Go Backward before you Go Forward at 8 pm ET
  • Nina Amir: We’re the Ones Who Stand in Our Own Way at 9 pm ET

I just wanted to send one last reminder that TODAY is the LAST DAY to order an All Access Pass for the Success Mentor Summit before the special pricing ends forever!

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With gratitude,


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My Interview Is Live Sept. 11th on The Success Mentor Summit!

Hello,  Just a quick reminder for you.  

My interview for the Success Mentor Summit will be out there for the taking today, Sept. 11th at 4:00 p.m. EST.  I am so excited and grateful to be a part of this event because I know it is doing so much for so many people who are ready for a change.  

I know the struggles of trying to find the guidance and support I need to really level up.

This is why I love this summit … every success mentor knows that a great mentor provides more than just motivation and inspiration. They know the power of tactical strategies when to comes to mentoring and mindset to help you grow towards your own success.

I hope you’ll check out what I have to say in my interview because I know you’ll love it! I’ll be sharing a panel discussion about Mindset and Believing in Your Own Success.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet registered … or want to grab an “All Access Pass,” click here.  You’ll love it!

To your success!




The Success Mentor Summit has started!

Happy Day!

I am so excited to announce that the Success Mentor Summit officially starts today!

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Here are my top 5 reasons for highly recommending joining this summit:

The expert mentors will inspire you to level up and finally reach your full potential.

These mentors are some of the most inspirational individuals around when it comes to guiding people to reach for what they want in their lives. Additionally, the motivational information will change the way you view your own success — ensuring that your path will be different from here on out — no matter what you do and what you want for your life. Don’t drive yourself crazy knocking down every door to find a powerful mentor to guide you. Instead, join us.

The tactical information will transform the path you take to reaching your success — no matter where you are now.

Our mentors know that a great mentor provides more than just motivation and inspiration. They know the power of tactical strategies when to comes to mentoring and mindset to help you grow towards your own success. All sessions have a clear eye to delivering key value in the form of actionable strategies and specific steps.

The Success Mentor Summit will deliver results.  

Our mentors are committed to delivering advice that will not only motivate you, but will also immediately inspire you to take action to see results. No matter where you are now, by implementing the strategies and action items our mentors recommend you will see results, fast, and then you will be able to build on those for lasting success.

It’s FREE for a limited time if you sign up today.

Typical conferences and retreats require a huge investment of time and money.  The Success Mentor Summit is different.  Save your money, save your travel time and claim your ticket today!

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The Writing Rut

Take this Quiz

                                                       The Writing Rut

                                                       by Deborah Owen

The main difference between a rut and a coffin is that the coffin has the ends filled in. Take a serious look at your writing life and judge yourself.

  • When was the last time you spent a full hour doing nothing but writing?
  • When was the last time you submitted an article or story?
  • When was the last time you took a writing course?
  • When was the last time you completed a project?
  • When was the last time you sold something?

Don’t look now, but you’re probably in a writing rut.

  • Do you procrastinate writing?
  • Do you procrastinate writing education?
  • Do you select markets before you begin writing?
  • Do you analyze published articles in your prospective market?

If you don’t write, don’t learn, don’t research markets, and don’t analyze what your markets print, how do you expect to make progress? You’re driving nails in your writing coffin, my friend. You’re giving up everything you hold dear… and for what? A movie? To get your nails done?
Someday you’ll look back and realize life has
passed you by and you didn’t do the thing you wanted most.

Are you ready to say, “I want to bust out of my coffin/writing rut? When you’re ready to ask, “How can I do that?” you can be helped. No more excuses. No more procrastinating. Make a decision to get serious about your writing today. Here’s how:

1. Do you want to write fiction or nonfiction?
2. Start reading the magazines that print articles you want to imitate.
3. Write 15 minutes at the same time every day for one week. If you can’t think of anything to write, write a letter to the girl/guy who jilted you years ago, or write to a loved one who is gone. Practice writings put your mind in the groove.
4. On the second week, write 30 minutes at the same time every day.
5. If you’re writing a short story, make a rough outline that tells the main point of each scene. Answer 50 questions each about the two main characters.
6. Join a writing club, either local or online, and get active. These are the people who will give you the mo

most important feedback. Two good online writing clubs are and is very large, and is much smaller, but both are excellent.

At this point, you’ve done a self-analysis and have taken some steps to correct your course. What comes next?

Knowledge. Where do you get knowledge? At a writing school. I see you shaking your head and saying, “I can’t afford it.” Did you know there are a lot of free writing courses on the internet? But be warned, there is no teacher to grade your work so there’s no way to tell if you understood the lesson properly and made the proper applications. Still, if that’s all you can do, at least it’s something!

If you enter the selling arena without proper preparation, you will get trampled in the stampede. Taking writing lessons is not an option. If you want to become a selling writer, it is an absolute necessity. How much do you need? Usually three courses. Up to five if you want to hit professional status.

Creative Writing Institute  is a nonprofit charity and for that reason, we can offer the best prices on the net. We don’t use school terms because every student receives a private tutor, so you can sign up for your course at today and begin tonight.

What? No money? We’ve got you covered. Break it into four easy payments. We won’t even charge interest. No administration fee. No registration fee. Can’t beat that.

Kick the header and footer out of your coffin right now. Rise from the dead and take your place as a serious writer. Creative Writing Institute will help you every step of the way. What? You want a discount? Alright. Write to and Deb will give you one!

NOW what is your excuse? The decision you make today will determine your tomorrow.

Short Story Contest Extended to September 15

Great News for Procrastinators!

We have extended the short story contest and raised the first prize. The rest is up to you! What a fantastic opportunity to get published in our fifth anthology.

Don’t forget to use the theme sentence. I am completely and utterly lost.  See guidelines and prizes on our site at

Remember – you can get lost physically, spiritually or emotionally. What happens in that journey? What changes? That is your story. And remember that real life takes a turn for the worse just when you think things are about to get better! Write your story the same way. Good luck!

It’s almost here! The Success Mentor Summit!


Are you up for some great news?  

Big news! Coming up soon, we’ll be launching an amazing online event called the Success Mentor Summit.  

Do you wish you had a success mentor for your own life?

We believe that we all deserve a mentor invested in our own success and ready to guide us along the way. And we also believe that’s it’s not too much to ask.

Who are “we?”  We are a group of world-class experts who believe in the power of mentoring. It has shaped each of our lives and been a key determinant in our own successes.

The Success Mentor Summit was created to help you access the directed mentoring you need to level up your life.

I’ve gotten word about the speaker lineup and could not be more excited to be a part of this group.  I’m talking about big name speakers – expert leaders in their industries – who typically charge a boatload for their speaking and coaching fees.  The caliber is THAT GOOD!

I’m going to share some of those names with you in a second, but want to first remind you of the purpose of this event.

The Success Mentor Summit was created to help you access the directed mentoring you need when it comes to mentoring, mindset, and success.These world-class folks are here to help you level up your life.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself today — our mentors have been there. Together, we will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Each mentor will peel back the curtain on their own success and give you the mentoring you need to embark on a new path to lasting success.

This is what the Success Mentor Summit is all about. And you can register for the free event now.

I’ll have more to share soon, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at some of the amazing speakers lined up for you:

Jon Acuff, Donald Miller, Chris Guillebeau, Pam Slim, Tsh Oxenreider, Propoganda

(…and many more…there are 45+ speakers participating! And I’ll be one of them).

More details about the event coming soon!

Just sending this notice to keep you in the loop & give you some behind-the-scenes details because I’m so excited!


P.S. Just to remind you, this event will be 100% online so you have no excuse for not coming! 😉  Tell your friends so that they can register for their free tickets, too!



Dear Authors and Publishers,

I’d like to invite you to a free training offer put together by The Author Success Summit.

It’s called: Learn the Amazon Algorithm: The 4 Step Formula that will skyrocket the book sales of your next launch.

This is a LIVE training event which will take place tomorrow August 21st at 12pm EST.

In this training you will learn:

  • How the amazon algorithm works for both the free and paid store
  • The 8 irrefutable laws of ranking higher and sticking longer on Amazon’s algorithm (break these at your own risk)
  • How to convert more random browsing customers into committed loyal readers
  • A simple 4 step formula that will explode the sales of your next book launch

You can register for the live training by grabbing your free ticket ($997 value) to the Author Success Summit here:

Adam Houge is an author to learn from. He has distributed over 2,500,000 books between his paid and free launch strategies, and having made a regular six figure income yearly from his books, he has finally agreed to share his secrets about amazon’s algorithm.

This training has received rave reviews from New York Times Bestselling Authors, publishers, and brand new authors alike.

So no matter where you’re at in your self-publishing journey, this is one training you don’t want to miss!

Although there will be a replay available at the summit, please remember to come to the LIVE event, so you can get all your questions answered directly with Adam.

We’ll send an email to you as a reminder before the training begins.

I look forward to seeing you there:

Introducing… The Author Success Summit! Starting Aug 21st

Good Morning!

I’m excited to share with you the grand opening of the Author Success Summit which goes live at 12 pm EST tomorrow, August 21st!

In the Author Success Summit you’ll learn how to scale up your book sales and move your writing career to the next level.

If you’re a brand new author you’ll learn how to get your book written and published fast and get it launched!

If you’re a seasoned author, you’ll learn how to move forward and keep growing in your career.

There are over 40 speakers so I can’t share everything now, but here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How the amazon algorithm works for both the free and paid store
  • How to explode your book sales through cross promotions and how to recruit an army of promoters (even if you’re brand new) to help you sell your book.
  • How to expand your brand, get your book on the shelves of physical stores, scale up your sales with ads that work, and so much more.
    Each of these strategies are presented by some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and self-publishing experts who share their secrets in these exclusive interviews.And the best part of all? If you attend live, it’s all FREE!You can grab your ticket here:
  • At 12 pm EST Adam Houge the six-figure author and founder of the Author Success Summit will be sharing his deep knowledge on Amazon’s Algorithm through a live step-by-step training.In this training you’ll learn how to easily harness Amazon’s algorithm to explode your book sales. Some have even experienced over-night results after attending.

    If you come live you’ll be able to hop on the Q&A with Adam and get all your questions answered so you can apply this to your books immediately.

    This training has received rave reviews from publishers, brand new authors, and New York Times bestselling authors alike.

    If you can’t make it live, it’s still going to be a fantastic kick off to this summit and you’ll be able to see the replay on the main summit page.

    Grab your seat and we’ll see you on the other side!

    See you there!

  • Diane

FREE: skyrocket your sales with the Author Success Summit!

Author Success Summit Aug. 14th – 18th. Grab your free ticket!

Last week I shared with you a fantastic resource for growing your audience for free.

Unfortunately, that free book is no longer available. But I still have an amazing free resource for you to build your audience and explode your book sales!

It’s called The Author Success Summit and they’re still giving out free tickets ($997 value) for a few more days! 

If you grabbed the books then you’re registered already, but if not you can still get a free ticket here:

The Author Success Summit has brought on some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and Self-Publishing experts who will show you how you can take your author career to the next level, and even scale it up to seven figures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new still writing your first book, a full-time author, or if you make six figures from your writing; this event can help you take your career to the next level.

In the opening presentation, you’ll learn step by step how Amazon’s algorithm works, and how you can use it to scale your book sales up quickly.

Then the rest of the speaker sessions have been broken down into 3 easy to follow steps which will play each day.

In the first step you’ll learn how to get your book finished, and how to write faster with improved quality. All from the world’s top experts who will share their tricks and secrets on effective writing.

    • In the second step you’ll learn the book launch secrets of some of the world’s top authors and entrepreneurs. Learn how John Lee Dumas launched his last book to the tune of $287,000 and how you can start having your own massive launches. In that interview John’s share’s his #1 tactic that gave him these mind-blowing book launches and it’s easy for you to replicate.
    • In the third step you’ll learn creative ways to grow and scale your income up with various marketing and brand techniques. You’ll also learn how to get the reviews you need quickly, how to maximize your brand, get your physical books in stores, and so much more.

    Needless to say, you’ll literally learn everything you need to know to have a successful career as an author, and continue to grow and scale no matter what stage you’re at.

    And the best part of all?

    I’ll be speaking there!

    So grab your free ticket because you don’t want to miss this one!

    See you there!


Here’s your FREE ebook Library to skyrocket your writing career!

How would you like to learn the most effective formulas for taking your writing career to the next level?

Let me introduce to you the FREE Author Success Bundle!

The Author Success bundle is a library of free ebooks with the BEST advice on growing your career as rapidly as possible as a writer.

It includes books from top bestsellers and six figure authors like Derek Doepker, Jesse Krieger, Adam Houge, Tom Corson-Knowles and many more!

Included in your bundle is a free full month of thinkific – a platform for turning your books into profitable online courses – and a free ticket to the Author Success Summit ($997 value).

But please note that this bundle will only be available for a couple days!

You can find the full details of each title included and grab your free bundle here:

How would you like to learn the best marketing tips to make your book a bestseller NOW?

Tom Corson-Knowles has made his bestselling book “The Book Marketing Bible” free for you in this bundle (normally $3.99 but yours free)

How would you like to pursue your passion, live the life of your dreams, and make a lot of money doing it?

Jesse Krieger will show you the exact steps in his bestselling book Lifestyle Entrepreneur (normally $7.99 but yours free)
How would you like to learn the fastest and easiest method for growing a huge email list quickly?

The bigger your audience size is, the bigger your launches will be.

This is why you MUST scale up your email list as quickly as possible if you’d like to make a six or seven figure income from your sales.

Adam Houge is a master at online selling and earns six figures every year on his various book income streams as a result.

In his book “Rapid Email List Building for Authors” he’ll show you how you can quickly scale up your email list using mostly free methods.

He’ll show you how to create higher converting subscriber pages (one of his lead magnets gets over 80% of everyone who views the page to become a subscriber).

Then he’ll show you his number #1 favorite trick to get PAID to build your email list. Among so much more.

Again, you can get this book and many others along with a free month of Thinkific and tickets to the virtual summit, The Author Success Summit, all for free with the Author Success Bundle:

The tickets to the summit and everything included in the bundle are over a $1000 value and will only be available for a few days so grab yours before it’s too late.

Remember: you can always get it now and read later!

Hope to see you there!



2017 Children’s Literary Classics Book Awards, Gold Medal Winner

Literary Classics Top Honors Book Awards honoring excellence in literature for children and young adults

Sir Princess Petra’s Mission (book # 3 in The Pen Pieyu Adventures Series) wins gold medal in Children’s Literary Classics 2017 Book Awards, Juvenile Chapter Books division.

Literary Classics is pleased to announce that the book Sir Princess Petra’s Mission, by Diane Mae Robinson, has also been selected to receive the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.  The CLC Seal of Approval is a designation reserved for those books which uphold the rigorous criteria set forth by the Literary Classics review committee, a team comprised of individuals with backgrounds in publishing, editing, writing, illustration and graphic design. Five stars 

When her father, the king, decrees that Princess Petra must capture and deliver the fabled car-panther to the castle or renounce her knighthood, she sets about to undertake the task straight away.  Not to be deterred by her father’s excessive rules for this latest mission, she outwits him with an alternate set of decrees also stamped with his royal seal of approval which she asserts cannot be overruled.  After renegotiating the terms and ground-rules of the mission the princess is ready for her next quest.  Driven by boundless confidence and a stubborn determination, the young princess is off.

Author Diane Mae Robinson continues to delight young readers with the ever-witty, always-inspired book series about a young princess who refuses to bow to conformity.  Filled with countless catchy phrases and absurdly entertaining moments, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is sure to be met with giggles and belly-laughs by young readers who will continue to fall in love with this enchanting series.  Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval and a Gold Medal in the 2017 Literary Classics Book Awards, Juvenile Chapter Books Division.

 Literary Classics, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence in literature for young readers, takes great pride in its role to help promote classic literature which appeals to youth while educating and encouraging positive values in the impressionable young minds of future generations.   To learn more about Literary Classics, you may visit their website at or

New editions, 2017, available here:

For more reviews of these dragon books for children,